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ACTion Community Theatre is the lively, welcoming amateur theatre company-in-residence at The Terry O’Toole Theatre, Lincolnshire.

Founded in 2010, our ethos is to stage high quality theatre by the community for the community and we encourage our members to engage with all aspects of staging a production; therefore we ask that everyone gives a little of their time to helping with the essential behind-the-scenes roles such as: publicity, building/decorating set, finding/making props, sourcing/making costumes etc.

If you are simply interested in an acting role, then we are probably not the group for you…

WHERE: The Terry O’Toole Theatre, Moor Lane, North Hykeham LN6 9AX

WHEN: Sunday afternoons 3 – 5pm and Wednesday evenings 7 – 9pm; during the summer we may take a short break, so do check the rehearsal schedule on our Diary page, or get in touch to check-out our meeting times!

Age Guide: Adults and young people 11 years+

ACTion Community Theatre is a membership organisation.

Members are not insured to attend rehearsals, help with set builds at the theatre and Fen Farm, nor to audition and take part in productions unless they have paid their Annual Membership Subscription. The annual membership subscription contributes towards ACTion’s basic running costs, including membership of N.O.D.A and insurance costs.

For each show we also ask for a Production Subscription.  All members of a performance company, actors and production team alike, are asked to pay this sub. which helps meet the cost of purchasing scripts and goes a little way towards other costs, including set, props, costume, publicity and so on.

An ACTion Play costs around £4,000.00 to stage.

Our Community Pantomime or Christmas production costs around £8,500.00 to stage.

For more information, contact Al Duncombe [Theatre Development Officer] at the theatre office 01522 701305 or email

ACTion Community Theatre is proud to be affiliated to N.O.D.A. 

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