ACTion Auditions

10th Anniversary Summer 2020 Production

OPEN AUDITIONS:  Sunday 12th January 3 – 5pm & Wednesday 15th January 7 – 9pm

Age Guide: 4 Women – playing age 25 – 30’ish

Audition Venue: The Terry O’Toole Theatre, Moor Lane, North Hykeham LN6 9AX

Production Dates: as per poster – to be confirmed

To be considered for a role, you must be available to rehearse on Wednesday evenings 7 – 9pm and Sunday afternoons 3 – 5pm from late January onwards and be fully available for all production week rehearsals and performances.

Our ethos is to stage high quality community theatre and we encourage our members to engage with all aspects of staging a production, therefore we ask that everyone gives a little of their time to helping with all the essential, behind-the-scenes roles such as publicity, building/decorating set, sourcing/making costumes & props etc. [If you are simply interested in an acting role, then we are probably not the group for you!]


Margie is from Newcastle and is a self-confessed ‘Townie’. Very naïve and childlike, but she is not ‘childish’ by any means. She has a liking for make-up and curlers and considers herself as a pretty, young woman. She is warm hearted and seems to be in a constant state of surprise. She is posted to a farm on her own and this becomes difficult for her as she spends a lot of time by herself and this makes her more introspective as the play progresses. She is, however, funny and affectionate.

Margie will need a northern accent (Durham or Tyneside).

Peggy is a happy, confident young woman from the East End of London. Confident until she finds herself on a farm in the middle of nowhere, not knowing ‘one end of a cow from the other’. She is very keen to do her bit for the war effort to do what is needed on the farm maintaining a positive attitude most of the time. Peggy grows up very quickly, enjoys the work and the camaraderie of her peers but also enjoys being on her own, her ploughing skills are the best in the district! The last thing she expects is to fall in love with Jim, the Foreman!

Given her origins Peggy needs an ‘EastEnders’ accent.

Poppy is from deepest Oxfordshire and is from a happy and privileged family so is used to a very comfortable lifestyle. Her family assumed she would join the Wrens, but, drawn by the romantic posters of the time she signed up for the Women’s Land Army instead. This is a massive culture shock of hard work and long days, but she throws herself into it with energy, enthusiasm and an inner strength to cope with this new life. She is a confident, outgoing young woman who enjoys dances and romance and, over time, life on the land.

Poppy, being from a ‘well to do’ family would have a ‘Received Pronunciation’ type accent, but without the affectation sometimes heard.

Vera is quite a complex character who responds very thoughtfully to the things that happen to her. She is not afraid to ask questions and expects to make her own way in the world. She doesn’t really appear to be ‘one of the girls’ but likes to muck in and work as hard as anyone else. She is an educated woman and is often frustrated by the old-fashioned attitudes towards women of the time. Joining the Land Army is a way of escaping her snobby step mother and to find out who she really is. She is competent, but perhaps the loneliest of the four Land Girls, and most likely to be the only one to have read Virginia Woolf.

Vera could have any accent but given that she has a ‘snobby’ stepmother, hers might be a bit more neutral.

Find Out More: Call 01522 701305 [Theatre office], or email

Annual Membership £25 / U16s £10
plus Production Subscription £25.00 per show

If you are a new member, or former member wishing to re-join ACTion, and would like to be considered for a role, please note that you will be expected to pay both the annual membership fee and production fee within one week of casting taking place.



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